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I will make this when my bf visits.

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9/7/12: 150.4 lbs


This is why weight loss is hard.

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Grilled avocado toast.

Day 1 of South Beach…

And I’m already confused about what to eat for breakfast.  Bare in mind, I don’t have a fridge, so I have to buy something.


Can’t wait to start Bikram (Hot) Yoga.  #1 Reason: It burns 800 calories per session, which is 800 calories more I can eat during the day.  Yay!

I’m not going to lie.  I’m not a huge fan of this detox diet.  It leaves me tired and completely brain dead by the afternoon.  I didn’t even notice that much weight loss until this week.  I am now 4.6 pounds less than where I started last Monday, but I dropped 2 lbs in the last three days.  Why?  Either the detox takes a while to start shaving off pounds, or the tweaks I made to my juices this week really worked.  I am now mixing multiple juices and adding blending spinach and blueberries for the sake of less Vitamin C and more protein.  I would bet that it’s the protein that is helping my weight loss, as it does boost the metabolism.  


8/29/12: 152.2 lbs



Totes agree with this!

This is what my fridge looks like at the minute, minus the juice :3